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Online customisation tool

Infinite options

People love to buy unique products. 

But creating a customised solution for everyone takes design and sales teams a long time.


What if you could maximise profits by offering your customers thousands of options immediately?

Personalise your products for each customer, with just a few clicks. Get images, costs and drawings instantly

Take the purchasing experience to a new level. Infinite possibilities.

How it works

NEKO custom design is an easy-to-use online product configuration platform.

It allows users to completely personalise a product. Change the shape, size, even material, in just a few simple steps. 

In seconds, the platform generates essential information – such as weight, price and 3D models – from pre-programmed data.

Who is it for?

Save valuable time in your sales, design and production departments. 

A simple tool with multiple benefits company-wide. 

Streamline production

Instantly calculate material and costs. Generate 3D drawings automatically.

Drive sales

Captivate your customers with tailored solutions. An invaluable tool for sales teams – in-store and at exhibitions.

Brand engagement

Increase online brand engagement and sales. In a simple web interface, customers can personalise their own product.

What's included?

Our packages include everything you need, for as many designs as you choose. So you can maximise profits and give your customers exactly what they want.

Your designs

We can adapt your existing designs to the platform, making them completely customisable.

New designs

Our award-winning design team can work with you to create new customisable designs.

-Online configuration tool

-Design configuration

-Design parameters and limitations

-Web hosting

-Set up



Access thousands of possible configurations instantly

Increase brand engagement

Save valuable time in design, sales, and production areas

One-time set up and on-going maintenance included

Unique products created by and with your customers

Automatically generate key information such as cost, material, and 3D images

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