How we work

Neko’s design approach results in finished products, ready for manufacturing.

Beautiful, safe, inclusive, and at the right price.

Let us take care of all the details.


It all starts with listening to you

You are the expert in what you do. What do you need? Who is it for?
We want to understand your vision, ideas and objectives so we can tailor the perfect solution. By researching products, materials, users and technology, we gain a deep understanding of what you need.


Innovation from a new perspective

Curiosity and collaboration are key to successful brainstorming and sketching.

By considering Life Cycle Design Strategies (LiDS) and cost implications at this stage we can discard any non-viable ideas from the start.


Where the idea takes shape

We select 2 or 3 winning concepts and develop them in CAD drawings, 3D models and renderings.
We work closely with you to ensure that we’re on track to realise your vision correctly. With your feedback, we refine the initial concepts and choose one for further development.


Fine-tuning the details

Every new idea has to be tested – whether the size, material, form, function – or something else.

For more complex projects we work with experts in other fields to fully understand any specific technical or social factors. We use a variety of tools to prove the concepts and create scale and/or working models.


The idea becomes reality

The design is transformed from concept to finished product. We resolve every detail in technical sketches, CAD drawings, 3D models and prototypes.
The final product is presented in renderings, photomontage and/or scale models. Once it meets with your approval, we generate the detailed construction plans.


Take your design to the next level

We offer an online design configuration tool which allows you to make variations to your finished product. With this intuitive tool, you can access thousands of modifications instantly. Get images, costs and manufacturing information at the click of a button.

Unique solutions

At Neko you’ll find a creative and passionate team always keen to take on a new design challenge.
Our design approach and fresh perspective ensure that the final result will exceed your expectations.
Contact us to find out how we can help you design your unique solution.


We work with clients in fields across the urban sector

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