Playground design Inspiring and imaginative play experiences Contact us We believe that all children should have access to exciting and safe play areas that inspire creativity and ignite the imagination. If you’re looking to add something new to the playgrounds you offer, we can help you. We work with clients including landscape architects, playground manufacturers […]


Wayfinding & signage design Getting people where they need to be in your urban projects with great signage design Contact us Great signage design guides people through their surroundings in an unobtrusive yet clear way. Helping them get to where they need to be, effortlessly. We work with manufacturers, architects, and landscape architects to create […]


Design for mobility & urban cycling Giving you access to innovative and user-friendly mobility solutions Contact us We believe that cycling and mobility infrastructure should be secure, accessible, and user-friendly. At Neko, we work with companies looking to boost and streamline innovation in their product line. We work closely with you to design key products […]


Design consultancy for industry Bridging the gap between idea and manufacture Contact us Take your new product from concept to reality with the help of Neko’s industrial design consultancy service. We design in line with your vision, be it striking and modern, or sleek and understated. Always with a focus on function and user experience. […]

Urban Furniture

Urban furniture design Making public spaces more comfortable, functional and beautiful Contact us At Neko, we specialise in designing elements for urban spaces. This includes all types of urban furniture design, such as seating, bins, parasols, water fountains, bollards, and more. Our team has a wealth of experience creating innovative designs that make public spaces […]