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We’re Neko, an award-winning industrial design consultancy with almost 20 years’ experience designing products for the urban sector.

Your solution for design innovation

Design and innovation can be time consuming. At Neko, we help you to fast-forward the lengthy design process. Easing pressure on your internal teams and reducing your time to market. We work with you from concept to final design, tailoring every aspect to your needs and manufacturing capabilities.
Bring new innovations to your clients quickly with market-ready, relevant products.

Why Neko

Almost 20 years of experience designing products for the urban sector has given us a deep knowledge of market needs, materials, and manufacturing processes.

Many of our clients come to us feeling frustrated: they’ve spent money and time elsewhere but still haven’t found a solution.

Our multidisciplinary team looks at things from a different perspective, working with you to deliver complete, user-centred solutions tailored to your needs.


Our work has won some of the world’s most prestigious design accolades


We work with clients worldwide across the urban sector, in areas including street furniture, mobility, playgrounds, and wayfinding. By working closely with project leaders and their internal teams, we deliver tailored innovation and design support exactly where needed.

Helping them launch new products more quickly and efficiently than ever before.
Our clients include street furniture and playground manufacturers, engineering firms, architects, landscape architects, artists; as well as the public sector.

How we work

At Neko, integral design is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that each stage is vital to ensure that finished products are safe and comfortable, hard-wearing, beautiful, and ready for manufacture. We don’t believe in designing just for the sake of designing; instead we create real, necessary solutions.


We work with clients in fields across the urban sector

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